Educational Programs

Introduction to beekeeping


Spent a day with a beekeeper. Learn about what it takes, How much it will cost, where to buy your supplies and more

Plants and Trees and Bees


Learn what to plant  if you are looking to entice the European honeybee to you property. Find out how nectar flow impacts the bees

Calling all pollinators


Honeybees are no the only pollinators. There are many species of insects that pollinated. Learn what to plant and build to attract them   

Working with Wood


Learn how to build a hive body, honey super, bottom boards, migratory lids, and more. 

Leave with your very own hive that you built

Mentorship at your location


Let  our experienced beekeepers  help with your hive related issues.  We will provide you a hive diagnostics report and offer custom solutions for maintenance  strategies for your hive

Pollinator parties


Our beekeepers will bring educational material and bee related activities for your guest. Things like Paint-a-hive, pin the stinger on the bee and the always popular piñata hive